Why work with Tinmasters

First time customers often judge a product by its packaging, so it is particularly important that it conveys a clear message about the contents. If your products are presented in metal packaging, such as cans or promotional tins, the design and finish will combine to create the first impression of your brand – and where it sits in relation to competing products. Therefore, to make that first impression count, the quality of the metal printing on your packaging needs to match your brand aspirations.


How we do it

Tinmasters provides can-makers and promotional packagers with the state-of-the-art metal printing services and expert technical support they need to maximise their brand appeal. And we are continually investing in technology, process improvements and skills training to ensure we are always ready to tackle the most challenging printing requirements.

Our extensive print capability covers both thermal and UV options (for printing, coating and varnishing), ink mixing to match colours to your exact requirements, stencil coatings, different varnish finishes (gloss, satin, semi-matt and matt), spot varnishing (to highlight areas of the design) and other special effects such as sparkle, pearlescent and crackle.

Our high standards are maintained through a series of strict quality control checks at every stage of production, ending with a final pass through Auto-vis®, our own fully automated inspection and classification system that is used at the point of packing to ensure 100% print excellence.


What we deliver

Tinmasters delivers top quality metal print work that meets the aspirations of clients with premium brands to promote or protect. In some cases we work alongside packagers in an advisory capacity, to help them to get the very best for the brand, and in others we have a more partnership-based approach.

As an example Tinmasters has worked hand-in-hand with William Say, the London-based metal packaging manufacturers, for many years. In 2010 they asked us to do the print work on some new 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre paint cans they were making for Mylands. The Mylands brand managers had come up with a stunning bespoke design for their new line of premium paints that used a silver and gold palette to deliver a visibly premium edge. The inside of the can was covered in gold lacquer while on the exterior a white base was overprinted with a coat of arms, two printed silver shades and an image of a London skyline at night. The final design was a little work of art that hit all of the design and quality targets for the brand – and we have been asked to print repeat runs of the same line at regular intervals ever since.


Products have to compete for attention on retail shelves. Tinmasters helps clients to achieve the premium finish that will make their brands stand out from the rest.

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