Why work with Tinmasters?

Following scandals over the safety of infant formula Chinese consumers lost confidence which led to the government taking steps to reassure parents by creating new food safety legislation. Given the understandable anxiety over counterfeit products, the manufacturers have to ensure the print quality on their packaging is flawless as even minor defects could raise concerns over its authenticity and seriously damage the brand.

Tinmasters has supplied packaging products for the Chinese infant formula market, including super premium brands, since 2011 and complies with all of the GB food packaging standards that have been adopted by the China Food and Drug Administration (as part of its overarching Food Safety Law). We are able to provide Declarations of Conformity (DoCs) for the Chinese market confirming that our products have been rigorously assessed against the standards by subjecting the raw materials and the finished products themselves to migration testing at an external national reference food contact laboratory and implementing the industry guidance on supply chain responsibility.



How we do it

We have significant expertise and experience in printing promotional packaging and can produce technically challenging graphic designs incorporating specialist finishes that help to differentiate super premium packaging at a glance.

Finally, to ensure our print quality is 100% perfect every time we have developed Auto-vis®, a fully automated inspection and classification system that is used at the point of packing to identify products with even the most minor of flaws. Any misprints are rejected and then overprinted by us to obliterate our customers’ designs ensuring they do not end up on the grey market.

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What we deliver

Tinmasters helps infant formula customers to produce a product that meets the particular standards required for Chinese imports. The quality of the printing helps to build the trusts of parents who are nervous of counterfeited products.

Although anti-counterfeit security printing is already part of the landscape counterfeiters will always be trying to find ways to improve their copies. Tinmasters has joined forces with Swansea University, the Materials and Manufacturing Academy and Specific in a research and development programme that aims to deliver the next generation of anti-counterfeit protection techniques.


zero print defects

Supplied metal sheets equivalent to 40 million infant formula cans with zero print defects

Richard O'Neill
Chief Executive Officer, Tinmasters

The Chinese infant formula market has unique requirements and Tinmasters understands and meets them all.

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