Why work with Tinmasters

Metal printing is a specialist business which requires considerable capital outlay.

Tinmasters is happy to provide contingency support to manufacturers and can-makers who have their own metal printing and coating facilities as well as supplying those who don’t. Many customers require back-up facilities and business continuity assurance as part of their contractual commitments to their customers. Others have peak demand arising from seasonality, promotional activity, unforecastable market changes, operational issues, etc. we can be a cost effective and highly pragmatic solution.


How we do it

We’ve invested in capacity planning and scheduling, flexible working and robust process flow, which enables us to be responsive and provide reliable business continuity assurance. We can increase our manned capacity by 70% at a week’s notice and have multiple print and coating lines, as well as a second CTP, giving us contingency even in the event of unforeseen issues.

In 1989 we commissioned Suilven Associates to produce the first ever PrintPlan, making us very early adopters of IT solutions to optimise capacity planning and scheduling. All of this combined with our experience ensures quick error free pre-press processes from technical specification confirmation, material availability and the provision of a detailed quote for approval.


What we deliver

Tinmasters delivers a complete outsourced service for metal printing, providing fast turnaround on large or complex one-off projects and reliable regular contingency support.

In recent years we have undertaken a considerable amount of contingency work for multinational can makers and ROPP cap manufacturers, printing intricate award winning designs.


Our huge capacity and sophisticated print planning software enable us to accommodate last-minute contingency work to assist clients with peak and seasonal demands.

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