In this section we have provided answers to some of the questions that new clients ask us during their initial enquiry. However please feel free to call us to talk about these and any other questions you may have in more detail. We are always very happy to discuss, explain and advise on everything you need to know about metal printing.


Do Tinmasters supply the metal to be printed on, or can we supply it ourselves?

Either. We can purchase the metal substrate (tinplate or aluminium) for you as part of our full service offering, or you can supply the substrate and use our printing and coating service only.

What technical information do you need about the substrate?

We need to know the exact dimensions (thickness, width and length) of the metal substrate to be used, even if you are supplying it yourself.

We will also need to know the grade, finish, coating, surface treatments and oiling.

What logistic information do you need at the time of ordering?

We will need to know how many sheets you require and when you need them by. If you want us to deliver the printed material we will also need to know the delivery address and any restrictions on delivery times.

What technical information do we need to provide about the actual print work?

In order to start any printing order we will need the routings, the files, the drawings and the colour copy (all explained below). If you are not able to supply these we can help you to organise them.

The routings: These provide us with the specific application sequence that we will need to follow and the technical specification of the different coatings and inks to be used on the job.

The files: These are digital files containing your artwork either as single or multi files. These can be supplied as high resolution PDFs, Illustrator files or TIFF files and delivered on a disc, over email, via a large file transfer service site or FTP.

The drawings: We need a layout drawing showing how the artwork is to be positioned on the sheet.

The colour copy: Is the specific colour standards that we need to work to. We can accommodate different customers’ preferences; wet metal with progressives, digital paper proof, etc.

How quickly can you provide me with a quote?

We will need all of the details about your order (substrate, logistics, technical specifications) along with your company address, registration number and VAT number before we can prepare a quote for your consideration.

What happens after we approve the quote?

If you are happy with the quote and wish us to proceed you will need to provide us with a purchase order before we can start production.

If you have a question for the Tinmasters which is not covered here please call us on +44 (0)1291 307600

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